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28 November 2006

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Louvre in spring
25 November 2006

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United States Coast Guard
23 November 2006

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prayer flags
15 November 2006

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Red hot chillies
9 November 2006

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Venice Versace
23 October 2006

Recent Comments

Bert on Nawalgarh

eric on Lake Tsomoriri
very nice composition with biautifull colors, very very nice shot !!!!

Cuentos on La douce France
It is a charming image. I like very much. Saludos, Mariana C.

MichelG on Prayer
hallo claire, blijkbaar zit het fotograferen in het bloed bij "geeraert" afstammelingen mijn blog kan je hier ...

Evi on Cloud
Lovely capture! Awesome atmosphere!

Evi on Prayer
Very expressive face!

Still on Prayer
A superb image!

renie on Himalaya 2
wo9w, looks very cool!

Ryan Yam on Prayer
Interesting shot :) Tells a story. However my suggest would be a really tight crop from her elbow up and only ...

badala on Prayer
Beautiful portrait.

Damon Schreiber on Prayer
Very well captured and startling! I love the detail of the nuts on the prayer stick (?).

Helen on Prayer
Au contraire .... the white wall makes her stand out in that red! She looks like she is in the throes of passionate ...

Hemanth on Himalaya
This is a great view of Himalayas, one can say..rare view..

zahra on Himalaya 2

Tim on Himalaya 2
Splendide ! Vraiment très belle phoot, félicitations.

andrea on Himalaya 2
Amazing image! I also agree with the need to bump up contrast and saturation... I hope you learn PS soon! :-)

Damon Schreiber on Himalaya
Low contrast is a common problem with photos taken from a plane window. Happens all the time. If you have photoshop, ...

Baloot on Himalaya 2
Wow ! This one is much better than previous shot but I would make "auto level" in photoshop or change the ...

Ryan on Himalaya 2
Great shot! I have always liked aerial mountain shots. However, I agree with Damon that some PS is needed. I also ...

Martine Lapointe on Himalaya 2
Wow, you're very lucky to have seen this with yours eyes! Very beautiful landscape.

emarquetti on Himalaya 2
Wow! I´m no breath!

Damon Schreiber on Himalaya 2
It is a beautiful scene and composition, though I find the tones a bit flat. I'd suggest bumping up the contrast ...

Peggy Picot on Himalaya 2
Amazing view! you're so lucky!!

Manuela Photography on Himalaya 2
So huge, incredible!

badala on Himalaya 2
Bravo!!! Great picture.

Dan on Himalaya
and a spectacular scenery and photo it is!

Prashanth on Himalaya

Colour blind on Himalaya
I second your comment!!! THis is beautiful....I wish I could see stuff like this from my bedroom window hahaha. ...

Michael Zhang on Himalaya
This is incredible. I'd go into Photoshop and add some contrast, and adjust the levels to add some depth to this ...

Baloot on Himalaya
I had never seen a picture of Himalaya from this angle,thanks for sharing. Sadaf

badala on Louvre in spring
Nice scenery. Looks beautiful.

Sheldon Hull on Photographers observing...
Great shot. I like it a lot! Makes me think of the tradegy that the one thing not photographed often is the ...

Sheldon Hull on NYPD
Perfect how you caught the lighting. Great job!

Sheldon Hull on Louvre in spring
Same here, love the vibrant colors.

Craiger on Louvre in spring
Beautiful garden. Nice job.

Laurie on Louvre in spring
I've never been there and never realised how beautiful the Louvre is. Beautiful photo.

Zach Siebert on Louvre in spring
Ah...Parigi, questa e' bella. Best museum in the world hands down. Too bad it wasn't a bit sunnier when you ...

Duncan Galbraith on Louvre in spring
beautiful thing japan lacks is GREEN grass. nice.

Darren Halliday on Louvre in spring
Love the fresh green you've captured there.

Helen on Louvre in spring
Ah .... Paris, que c'est beau. It is refreshing to see a great photo of the Louvre with a bit of colour. Nice ...

Martine Lapointe on Cemetery
Que de beaux souvenirs que j'ai de ce cimetière! Il y a un potentiel photographique extraordinaire! Belle ...

Duncan Galbraith on Cemetery
Great image. som many components all working well here. The colour motif, the contrast between the randomness of nature ...

Suby on Cemetery
Would love to see a scary picture from the cemetery :D Suby

Still on Cemetery
A nice place to take a break. ;-). I have taken a lot of shots in this cemetary.

Helen on Cemetery
This is a terrific shot. I love the way you have highlighted the greens.

badala on Cemetery
Nice shot.

Nilima on Cemetery
I like the way the statues stand out in green against the buildings

Stu on United States Coast Guard
a great moment to capture! very opportunistic of you. Nice one. :-)

Jason Kravitz on NYPD
wow - even the police station has bright neon lights in NYC!! We are going to New York tomorrow for the day - should be ...

Claireg on United States Coast Guard
THANKS everybody!

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